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Tuyen Quang promotes effective cultural and sport institutions

TQO - In recent years, the system of cultural and sport institutions across Tuyen Quang Province has been investing in the promotion of diversifying cultural and sporting activities.

Mass sport movement thrives in Dong Heo Hamlet, Vinh Loi Commune, Son Duong District.

There are various models of cultural and sport institutions in the province, with one provincial level cultural centre, five district-level ones, and 129 out of 138 communes, wards and townships now having cultural houses and sports complexes. In addition, 1,640 out of 1,739 villages, hamlets and residential areas have cultural houses and venues for sporting events. The locality has 197 cultural clubs and art troops, as well as 350 community-based sport clubs.

The rate of local people regularly exercising sports is estimated at 30%, while the rate of households recognised as sport families reaching 25%. Son Duong, Chiem Hoa and Ham Yen districts are highly appreciated by the Tuyen Quang Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism for the efficiency in the operation of their cultural and sport institutions.

By 2030, the province strives to complete the system of cultural and sport institutions at all levels to maximise their operational efficiency.

Thuy Nga

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