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The Mid-Autumn Festival model "Binh Ca 1"

TQO - This year's Tuyen Quang Mid-Autumn Festival recorded the appearance of dragon boat models crafted by amateur "artisans" in Binh Ca 1 village, ...

Proud of Independence Day

TQO - Every year, September 2 has become an important occasion for Vietnamese people in general, and Tuyen Quang people in particular, to share their ...

Keeping clean

TQO - Thanh Tuyen Festival is more than a month away from starting, but the festive atmosphere is already bustling throughout the city's streets.

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The beauty of Hoa Phu

TQO - Hoa Phu is a purely agricultural commune located on National Highway 3B leading to the centre of Chiem Hoa district.

Summer day of highland children

TQO - Activities with folk games in the summer days of children in the highlands of Tuyen Quang give them a clear childhood sky.