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Goat fighting contest in Son Duong

TQO - The goats with long and pointed horns collided with each other to create a clicking sound after each fiery fight, making viewers exciting.

Recovering after making a mistake

TQO - After getting jail term, Pham Van Manh in Cay Da Hamlet, Minh Huong Commune (Ham Yen) returned to the locality with determination to rebuild ...

Solidarity of the people of Ban Bung

TQO - Ban Bung Hamlet, Thanh Tuong Commune (Na Hang) is located in the core zone of Tat Ke - Ban Bung special-use forest. Nearly 50 years ago, some ...

Escaping poverty in Na Pin

TQO - With a genuine desire to get rich in his homeland and help people get out of poverty, Giang A Toa, Director of Toan Tuyen Cooperative, Na Pin ...

Various forms of propaganda

TQO - The propagation and dissemination of legal education for ethnic minorities has always been focused on promoting by Tuyen Quang Province in many ...

Boosting fight against drug crimes

TQO - For many years, the tricks of the crimes are very sophisticated, often adding new addictive active ingredients that are not on the list of ...

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Row of siamese rough bush trees

TQO - Rows of siamese rough bush trees in Tan Trao Commune, Son Duong District have a unique beauty, attracting a lot of tourists.

Na Hang creates jobs for workers

TQO - According to this year's plan, Na Hang District will create jobs for 1,730 workers. By the end of September, 1,704 jobs had been created, reaching 98.5% of the plan.

A teacher preserves Then melodies

TQO - Over the past 12 years, Bui Thi Thu Hong, a music teacher at the Provincial Ethnic Minority Boarding High School, has always been passionate about Then melodies of the Tay people when trying to teach and help many generations of ...

Following the flower seasons

TQO - The journey of following the honey bees of Trieu Van Cuong, a Dao ethnic man in Dong Bang Hamlet, Tan Yen Town, Ham Yen District started from the beginning of the year to the end of December.

The story of "artists" on the street

TQO - Thanks to the creativity and meticulousness of street artisans, many unique and giant models of mid-autumn lanterns are paraded throughout streets in Tuyen Quang during the mid-autumn festival season.