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Be wary of charity scams

TQO - Recently, on social networks, especially Facebook, there have been many fake accounts showing pictures of family members, friends or ...

Protect and develop forests sustainably

TQO - In recent years, the forest economy in many localities has brought high income to people living from forestry. Forest economic development has ...

Providing clean water to the villages

TQO - Supporting for domestic water is content number 4 of Project 1 "Resolving the shortage of residential land, housing, production land, and ...

Dedication and enjoyment

TQO - Financial independence is the dream and goal of many young people. Striving to be financially independent at a young age, have a decent fortune ...

Urgently and decisively

TQO - In 2023, the implementation of 3 National Target Programs has been implemented by localities to remove difficulties and obstacles, speed up ...

Improving the quality of human resources

TQO - The issue of choosing a career and choosing a school is always a hot issue for the entire society before each enrollment season. At the ...

For community

TQO - Implementing Youth Month 2024 with the theme "Youth on the move, volunteering for community life", all levels of unions, associations and teams ...

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A new spring

TQO - Lunar New Year is an occasion for family reunion and reunion. Wishing parents a Happy New Year has become a morality that each child must fulfill first before enjoying spring.

New day in the resettlement area

TQO - The spring atmosphere spreads warmly in every house, on every radiant face of the resettled people. Because on the new land, they have learned new ways to build a better, more fulfilling life.

A new spirit and determination

TQO - After the Lunar New Year holidays, officials, employees, and workers returned to work, urgently starting production and business with a new spirit and new determination.

Fireworks safety

TQO - This year, many people want to buy fireworks to use during Tet.