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Tien Cave in jungle of northeast region

TQO - Dubbed as Phong Nha Cave in the jungle of the northeast region, Tien (Fairy) Cave in Thong Nhat Hamlet, Yen Phu Commune, Ham Yen District, has ...

The beauty of Pac Ta Mountain

TQO - For many local people in Na Hang District, Pac Ta Mountain is considered a famous symbol of the mountainous region.

Traveling to Lam Binh – a fairyland

TQO - The imposing forests, the vast hydroelectric lake, the mysterious stories about Coc Vai landscape and its 99 stretching mountains with the ...

Discovering Na Hang’s cuisine

TQO - Na Hang District is famous not only for its majestic scenery of forests and mountains but also for delicious dishes made from lake fish, black ...

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Tuyen Quang focuses on developing ecotourism

TQO - Currently, Tuyen Quang province’s rate of forest coverage is 65%, serving as an important economic resource of the locality and an attractive destination for tourists as well.

Tuyen Quang renovates tourism development model

TQO - To regain growth momentum for the tourism sector after the COVID-19 epidemic, travel agencies in Tuyen Quang Province have renovated their operating model to meet the needs of tourists. 

Black chicken, a specialty of Tuyen Quang province

TQO - Black chicken is a rare and precious chicken breed raised by ethnic people in the upland regions of Tuyen Quang province and characterised by five-toed paws, black flesh, black bones and a low fat concentration.

Na Hang promotes sustainable development of green tourism

TQO - With its rich potential in terms of natural landscapes and the traditional culture of its ethnic communities, Na Hang District in the northern province of Tuyen Quang is looking towards developing green tourism to attract more ...