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Kayak tours on Na Hang - Lam Binh lake

TQO - Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Na Hang - Lam Binh hydroelectric lake by kayak will definitely be a memorable experience for tourists.

Tam Hoa plum season in Na La

TQO - Na La is the only village of Son Phu commune (Na Hang) to grow plums. The whole village currently has about 200 plum trees, each tree generates ...

Being immersed in nature

TQO - Many tourists from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City come to Tuyen Quang during the holidays.

Beautiful hot air balloons

TQO - The 2nd International Hot Air Balloon Festival took place at Nguyen Tat Thanh Square (Tuyen Quang City). This is a festival in the series of ...

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Tuyen Quang in leaf-changing season

TQO - During leaf-changing season, the streets of Tuyen Quang suddenly freshed up as the trees changed into a new set of green clothes at intersections and on balconies and roofs.