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Building cultural life movement in Thuong Nong Commune

TQO - In recent years, the movement “All people unite to build cultural life” in Thuong Nong Commune (Na Hang District) has been implemented actively, bringing about a high level of efficiency.

Over 70% of the population of Thuong Nong Commune are Tay ethnic people. The Tay people living in the area still preserve the art of fabric weaving. The communal Women's Union has for some time organised weaving courses for young people to uphold its traditional value.

Local people in Thuong Nong Commune improving their practice of physical exercise and sports.

As of now, the commune has 4,796 people, 40% of whom participate in regular sports practice. Twenty volleyball teams, and ten brocade embroidery and "Pao Dung" folk singing clubs have been established in the locality.

In addition to the physical exercise and sports movement, people have also voluntarily abolished unsound customs in weddings and funerals. They also now consciously keep the environment clean around their houses.

In the near future, the Communal People's Committee will develop stilt houses of the Tay people’s style in the locality into homestay tourism services, opening up new economic development opportunities for the locals.

Le Duy

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