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Son Thuy ‘khao’ cake

TQO - It is very interesting to sit together and enjoy a little Son Thuy ‘khao’ cake (‘khao cake’ - the cake is made from glutinous rice flour, ...

Wild honey raising

TQO - Tau Lin is one of the remote hamlets in Hung Loi Commune, Yen Son District. The advantage of cool climate and a large area of protection forest ...

Soi Ha - a famous pomelo growing area

TQO - Looking down from above, Soi Ha Hamlet in Xuan Van Commune, Yen Son District running along the banks of Gam River looks like a peninsula. This ...

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Raising goats in Trung Yen

TQO - Son Duong District is famous for mountain goat specialties. Goats are raised in many communes of the district, but mostly in Trung Yen Commune.

Red-flesh dragon fruit season

TQO - For nearly 10 years, dragon fruit has become a poverty reduction tree for local people in Yen Phu commune, Ham Yen district.