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Motorbike prices fluctuate widely

TQO - Entering the new school year, people's demand for motorbikes and electric vehicles is increasing. This market has also made adjustments ...

Autumn gifts

TQO - When the coolness of autumn comes, the persimmons on the tree begin to turn yellow. Farmers in Tuyen Quang are busy in the new season with ripe ...

Raising goat Lang Chang village

TQO - In 2022, Hoang Van Nhat from Lang Chang village, Hung Duc commune (Ham Yen) decided to establish the Hung Duc clean goat farming and processing ...

New model of the countryside

TQO - In 2014, Tan Trao commune (Son Duong) became the first commune of Tuyen Quang province to achieve the goal of building a new countryside.

Tan Trao accelerates economic models

TQO - In Tan Trao commune (Son Duong), many projects to support production development have been implemented, creating jobs and improving income for ...

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Longan season in Thai Binh

TQO - Thai Binh commune (Yen Son) has over 112 hectares of longan. This year, the output of the whole commune is estimated at over 1,500 tons.

People in Thanh Long harvest cucumbers

TQO - In the summer crop of 2023, Thanh Long became the commune with the largest area of cucumber production and consumption in Ham Yen district with 13 hectares.

Sanchi cereals

TQO - Realizing the potential of the market for nutritious cereal products, in early 2021, Nguyen Thu Ha from Minh Xuan ward (Tuyen Quang city) created Sanchi cereal product which is popular with many consumers.