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Fried eggs with 'gai' vegetable

TQO - Coming to highland districts of Tuyen Quang Province, you will have the opportunity to enjoy fried eggs with 'gai' vegetable.

Da Vi dry vermicelli

TQO - Da Vi dry vermicelli (Na Hang) made by Tay ethnic people in Na Hang District is popular due to its characteristic aroma and sweet taste. ...

Upland green sticky rice

TQO - Every autumn, the weather becomes cooler that is when the Tay people in the highland districts of Tuyen Quang such as Lam Binh and Na Hang ...

'Slu nam' of the Tay people in Tuyen Quang

TQO - Slu nam is the Nom Tay script. The Tay people in Tuyen Quang soon created and discovered the Nom script for their own people. This hieroglyphic ...

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Cuisine - tourism strength of Tuyen Quang

TQO - Food tour in Tuyen Quang is being exploited in the form of combined tourism, including historical tourism, spiritual tourism, ecotourism, community-based tourism, etc.

Braised pork with canariums

TQO - Braised meat is a familiar dish of many families. Coming to Tuyen Quang, visitors do not forget to enjoy the braised meat with canariums, because of its taste and flavor.

Unique cuisine of Cao Lan people

TQO - Cao Lan ethnic people have many unique traditional dishes, in which each type of dish is associated with an important holiday of the year.