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Day cake of Lam Binh people

TQO - Day cake is one of the delicious and attractive specialties of ethnic groups in Lam Binh district. With the delicious taste, day cake has ...

Village's soul

TQO - Maintaining a rustic village identity in the face of changes in the times is a challenge. In Phuc Ung, a peaceful land in Son Duong district, ...

‘Fire keeper’ of Cao Lan culture

TQO - People's Artist Sam Van Dun from Man Hoa village, Dai Phu commune (Son Duong) has spent his life researching, restoring and preserving the ...

Colorful brocade market

TQO - Brocade market is considered as the identity and strength of Lam Binh district, attracting many tourists.

Photo book: Dai Phan Festival

TQO - In 2022, the Dai Phan festival of the San Diu people in Tuyen Quang province was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a ...

Nga Son fish cake

TQO - Nga Son fish cake products of Nga Son Fish Cake Cooperative in Dai Phu Commune (Son Duong) is a well-known brand.

Buffalo skin salad

TQO - Coming to Tuyen Quang, visitors remember to enjoy the unique dishes of the local people, especially the buffalo skin salad of the Dao ethnic ...

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Brocade bag of ethnic people in Tuyen Quang

TQO - Coming to highland villages of Tuyen Quang province, visitors can easily see images of women going to market with a colorful brocade bag. It is a creative and unique product of the Tay, Dao, and H'mong ethnic minorities.

'Cap sac' ritual of Dao Tien people in Hong Thai

TQO - Dao Tien people in Hong Thai commune (Na Hang) believe that, when a Dao Tien man is old and dies, he is still just a child if he has not granted yet. Therefore, 'cap sac' ritual is the most important ceremony in their life.