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Tuyen Quang proves its increased efficiency in poverty reduction in remote areas

TQO - Over recent years, thanks to the effective implementation of ethnic support policies, Tuyen Quang Province has made positive strides in poverty reduction and promoting socio-economic development in local ethnic minority areas.

Khau Tinh Commune in Na Hang District is subject to the Government-supported poverty reduction Programme 135. The locality is home to 364 households with 1,707 people, of which 95% are Tay and Mong people. To help local people develop their economy, the commune has supported them with 135 buffalo and cows, as well as agricultural machinery. The commune has also encouraged local residents to maintain and expand the farming of famous local specialty Shan Tuyet tea and off-season vegetables.

Pa Then people in Khuoi Hop Hamlet, Linh Phu Commune, Chiem Hoa District have been provided support to develop production forests from funding under Programme 135.

In realising the ethnic minority policy, Dao Vien Commune in Yen Son District has fully and promptly implemented support policies for ethnic students and provided offset for electricity bills for local disadvantaged households. In particular, the commune has supplied pesticide sprayers and grass cutting machines and provided breeding cows and goats for hundreds of poor households.

In addition, Minh Thanh Commune (Son Duong District) has achieved remarkable results in poverty reduction. The rate of poor households in the commune has decreased from 40.85% in 2016 to just 6.17% by the end of 2020, an average decrease of 8.1% in five years. Around 718 households in the locality have accessed loans worth over VND27 billion. The commune expects to build nine infrastructural projects in 2020.

Trang Tam

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