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The development of Hop Thanh Commune

TQO - Not only has the infrastructure innovated, but the mindset and income of people in Hop Thanh Commune, Son Duong District have changed a lot. The income criterion is considered as the "backbone" criterion by the commune to build sustainable new-style rural area.

Cay Sau Hamlet, Hop Thanh Commune still retains the traditional village beauty.

In the recent years, the commune has always entered in the top of Son Duong District in terms of completing and exceeding the target of afforestation. Currently, the whole commune has nearly 2,000 hectares of forests, including planted forests of local people and forests in a joint venture with Son Duong Forestry One Member Company Limited. Forest economy is the main source of income for the locals with 16 villages out of 17 villages having planted forests. Especially, many households have 10 hectares -15 hectares of forest.

Along with the forest, local people in the commune have improved the quality of intensive farming of 104 hectares of tea with an output of over 700 tonne per year. Head of Dong Dai Hamlet, Hua Van Mao said that the village has more than 80% of households producing tea. Due to the stable income, people in Dong Dai Hamlet have expanded the tea tree growing area, an increase nearly 30 hectares of tea. The hamlet has been granted a certificate of tea village, opening an opportunity for Dong Dai tea to develop its own brand.

In the commune, 21 farm models have also been developed with a total annual livestock herd of nearly 40,000 heads, of which there are 19 poultry farms with a total herd of 31,000 heads per year. The commune has a Poultry Breeding Cooperative in Hop Thanh Commune with a total poultry herd of up to 30,000 heads per year, bringing in an annual income of VND100 million - VND300 million for its members.

Besides agricultural and forestry production, trade and service are promoted. There are more than 40 households in the commune dealing in all kinds of services such as motels, building materials, catering and food supply. With the diversity of economic types, the per capita income in 2021 of the commune reached VND37.85 million per person per year.

With the efforts of the commune authority and local people in implementing the new rural construction criteria, by the end of November 2021, Hop Thanh Commune has completed the standards of building a new rural area. Chairman of the People's Committee of Hop Thanh Commune Hoang The Manh affirmed that arriving in the new-style rural area will create a new position and force for Hop Thanh to develop sustainably in the coming years.

Trang Tam

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