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New life in Dum Village

TQO - Dum Village belongs to Residential Group 11, Nong Tien Ward, Tuyen Quang City. There are 52 households living in the village, mainly Dao ethnic people. In recent years, the life of local people in Dum village has been changed.

Thanks to the support policies of the State, many local households were supported to install solar power and given televisions. There were 11 poor households with extremely difficult circumstances receiving financial support to build new houses while 20 other disadvantaged households were helped with trees and seeds for economic development. Since the end of 2020, most people in Dum Village have get access to the national electricity grid.

New appearance of Dum Village.

In the village, simple wooden stilt houses with thatched roofs have been replaced to concrete stilt houses by the owners, but preserved the traditional and modern features.

Since the beginning of 2021, a branch of the road of the village with more than 2km long has been concreted with 3m width from the funds of the Migration program out of flash floods and landslides. The route from Tan Trao street passing through Dum Village to Chinh Phap Tuyen Quang Monastery in Trang Da Commune has been constructed by the People's Committee of Tuyen Quang City.

Dum Village iss considered as "Tam Dao" of the city because of mild and cool climate. Oriented and guided by the local authorities, people in the village have taken advantage of the land's strengths, actively planted and protected forests. In addition, some families have developed fruit tree growing models, bringing high economic efficiency.

Many households in Dum Village develop fruit tree models, generating stable source of income.

In the coming time, the government will plan to turn Dum Village  into a developed village with various types of experience services, homestay tourism combination with spiritual tourism.

Thu Huong

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