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A village of the Dao people at the foot of Khau Sang mountain

TQO - When the orange orchards start to ripen all over the hills at the foot of Khau Sang mountain, it is also the bustling atmosphere of celebrating Tet of the Dao people in Phia Xeng Village, Ha Lang Commune, Chiem Hoa District to begin.

The Dao people in Phia Xeng village, Ha Lang Commune, Chiem Hoa District harvesting oranges.

Phia Xeng is the furthest and most difficult village in Ha Lang Commune, Chiem Hoa District. There are 90 households of Dao ethnic group locating in the village.

The village is known as the "capital" of oranges of the commune with 58 hectares of oranges, of which nearly 50 hectares have been harvested. On average, each year the village exports over 1,000 tonnes of oranges. Orange is the main crop, bringing income for the locals.

The Dao women in Phia Xeng village making cakes for Tet.

Along with planting orange trees, local people also promote afforestation. Currently, the whole village has more than 100 hectares of forest.

This year, orange prices increase, so local people have a happier and fuller Tet holiday than previous years. At this time, in addition to harvesting oranges, some women in the village begin to sew skirts, go to the forest to collect firewood, and cut 'dong' and banana leaves to prepare for Tet.

Ban Thi May, an elder in the village said: “We celebrate the traditional Tet holiday from the beginning of December. During Tet, every family hangs the country's flag in front of the yard and gathers to organise many activities such as singing Pao Dung and playing folk games.

Ban Thanh

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