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Strictly handle vehicles carrying bulky goods

TQO - Serious traffic accidents, even fatal, due to collisions with bulky cargo vehicles in recent times have once again sounded the bell about "leaving open" penalties for cargo carrying acts. cumbersome for owners of rudimentary vehicles.

The characteristics of these types of vehicles are that they have a simple structure, are "designed" by people or made from old cars, technical standards are not guaranteed, and are small in size. These types of vehicles easily go into corners and can transport moderate shipments at much lower shipping prices than cars, so many businesses choose them as a means of transporting goods.

To ensure traffic safety and order, urban order, and minimize the causes of traffic accidents, in addition to the task of strengthening patrol forces, handling drivers of homemade vehicles and rudimentary vehicles carrying bulky goods. At the same time, propagate and make people aware of the danger when using three-wheeled vehicles, rudimentary vehicles, and homemade vehicles that do not meet technical standards, carrying bulky and overloaded goods. In the long term, in addition to propaganda, advocacy, and handling, there needs to be mechanisms to support career change and appropriate means of transportation.

Nguyen Dat

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