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Sharing love for disabled children

TQO - Anh Binh Minh Center was established in 2016. This is the first center for children with disabilities and autism in Tuyen Quang city.

Child care and intervention activities at Anh Binh Minh Center.

Currently, the Center has 14 teachers directly teaching more than 70 children with autism and disabilities, including about 20 children with typical autism.

Indeed, they are also teachers, but the daily work of teachers in the center is not as simple as other teachers. There, although the lessons have lesson plans, the teacher does not stand on the podium and those lesson plans seem to never be taught completely. Because, the subjects they teach are unlucky children with disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, developmental delay, hyperactivity, etc.

The joy of teachers teaching autistic children is very simple. These are very silly questions for children: when they come to class, children know how to greet the teacher, at the end of class, children know how to put on their shoes and hats, etc.

Each disabled child's integration into the community is the result of extraordinary efforts, joy and happiness of the "special mothers" at the center. The children's daily confirms that teachers’ actions, although simple, are extremely noble.

Thuy Nga

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