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A dedicated teacher

TQO - Teacher Nong Thi Vui, General Manager of the Team, Na Hang Town Primary School (Na Hang) is the only representative from the province to attend the 2023 "Pink Swallow" Award Ceremony and receive a Certificate of Merit.

With a small figure, an energetic personality, close-mindedness, and dedication to emulation movements and Team activities, she feels that she can unleash her creativity, burn with passion, and mingle with the students.

In order for the emulation movement and Team activities to create excitement among students, she knows that she must first love her students, know how to listen and share, and set an example for them to follow.

She also regularly organizes extracurricular activities to propagate to all team members the rules of cultural conduct at school, propagandize and practice life skills: Preventing school violence, propagating and developing Declare the Children's Law, educate team members to be polite to grandparents, parents, teachers and older people, educate children to respect and love friends, etc.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication to team work of General Teacher Nong Thi Vui, the school has had many meaningful and practical activities such as: Propagating students to know how to protect the environment, joining hands to prevent plastic waste, exchanging plastic waste for school supplies; Actively participate in the work of "Tran Quoc Toan", pay tribute to people with contributions, etc.

With her unremitting efforts, enthusiasm, dedication, and creativity in Team work and children's movements, teacher Nong Thi Vui was awarded Certificates of Merit and Certificates of Merit many times by the Central Youth Union, Provincial Youth Union, and District Team Council.

Thu Trang

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