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Towards sustainability

TQO - Implementing the New Rural Construction Program, the new rural picture is increasingly clear, with many bright colors, especially the strongly developed rural infrastructure system, changing the face of many rural areas.

Many key projects in transportation, irrigation, healthcare, education, and culture have been invested in and built. Agricultural production is transformed in a more sustainable direction, diverse types of production organizations in rural areas, cooperative economics is strengthened and strongly developed... All have contributed to beautifying the face of rural areas: spacious and green - clean - more beautiful.

To build new rural areas deeply and sustainably, it is necessary to restructure the agricultural sector and innovate growth models associated with the development of clean agriculture, organic agriculture, and ecological agriculture; build cooperation chains, linking production and consumption of key crop and livestock products; attract and create favorable conditions for businesses to invest in agriculture and rural areas; pay attention to the protection of the rural environment.

To achieve the goal, sectors and localities need to develop specific programs and implementation plans, close to the actual situation. Focus on promoting comprehensive new rural construction on all aspects with appropriate steps. Maintain the results of meeting new rural standards of the previous period, implement enhanced new rural areas, model new rural areas, and new rural areas associated with civilized urban development, in order to contribute to achieving the goals of the new rural construction program that the province has proposed.

Phuong Dong

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