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Listen to your body

TQO - In fact, "80% of today's diseases are related to the mind and mood, and are diseases originating from the body and psychology." Therefore, people need to listen to their bodies for treatment and recovery.

The treatment and recovery process of every disease has one thing in common, you must clearly understand this point: The strategy of taking it lightly - psychologically, don't think of yourself as a patient... but always keep a comfortable mind and comply with the doctor's treatment methods, especially listen to your body to get the most positive treatment results.

Besides, many diseases derive from the impact of an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, each person should learn to listen to the body, work scientifically, eat nutritious food, choose appropriate sports to keep the body active, and limit the phenomenon of obesity.

To sum up, understanding the body, listening and following the body naturally is an effective way for each person to reduce fear of illness, learn to adjust and control their own life.

Huyen Linh

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