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Boosting fight against drug crimes

TQO - For many years, the tricks of the crimes are very sophisticated, often adding new addictive active ingredients that are not on the list of ...

Meals for children to go to school

TQO - Providing children in remote areas with a meal full of vegetables, fish and meat, contributing to the comprehensive development of children is ...

Joining hands to build the homeland

TQO - Over the past time, the great national unity bloc in tuyen Quang Province has continued to be consolidated and expanded. The people believe in ...

Giving is happiness

TQO - In addition to teaching, caring and training children to get necessary skills in life, the staff of Huong Sen Rehabilitation Hospital always ...

Keeping the furnace’s flame burning

TQO - With the development of society, many machines and tools to support production labor appeared, but the blacksmiths in Phuc Ung never thought of ...

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Sweet flavor of Shan Tuyet tea

TQO - Na Hang highland district has 1,286 hectares of Shan Tuyet tea, mostly in communes of Sinh Long, Son Phu, Khau Tinh, Hong Thai, Thuong Nong and Thuong Giap. This is a specialty tea with high economic value.

Peace under the stilt houses

TQO - Dong Huong village, Phuc Thinh commune, located next to Vinh Loc town (Chiem Hoa), is likened to a "beautiful and pure" mountain girl amidst the development of Vinh Loc town with many high-rise buildings and supermarkets, etc.

Royal Plaza Center

TQO - Located in the busy center of Tuyen Quang city, Royal Plaza Center, Viet My Urban Area, Tan Quang Ward (Tuyen Quang City) is the first project in Tuyen Quang province with an area of ​​up to 20,000m2 with a complex services: Event ...

New life of resettled people

TQO - Thanks to the support of the state and local authorities, many resettled households have built a prosperous and happy life in their new hometown.