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Thuong Giap strives to reduce poverty

TQO - Thuong Giap Commune (Na Hang District) strives to reduce rate of the poverty by 4% per year, bringing the average per capita income of the ...

Changes in Dao Te Hamlet

TQO - Deo Te Hamlet, Hung Duc Commune, Ham Yen District has 105 households, all of them are Dao Quan Trang with many typical cultural identities.

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Son Duong improves efficiency of waste management model

TQO - The initiative to establish the waste collection, classification, and treatment model to raise funds for daily activities of the Youth Union of Nhat Tan Hamlet, Thien Ke Commune, Son Duong District has brought practical effects, ...

Children fine art club in Lam Binh

TQO - Established in 2017, the children painters' club named Ha Lam has become a useful playground for "children painters" in Lam Binh District to unleash their painting creative potential.

Construction craft village in Vinh Quang

TQO - Construction has become the main occupation of local people in Phong Quang Hamlet, Vinh Quang Commune, Chiem Hoa District, helping them to increase their income and contribute to the development of building new-style rural area.

Green tourism campaign in Na Hang

TQO - Responding to the green tourism campaign, Na Hang District has organised many activities on Phieng Bung forest tourist area in Nang Kha Commune, Na Hang District, attracting many tourists.