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Fake cosmetics still flooding on the market

TQO - According to consumers in Tuyen Quang city, there are quite a few low-quality and fake cosmetics floating on the market, especially cosmetics sold on social networks.

Recently, a woman in Minh Xuan ward suffered from facial swelling and hair loss because of the use of sunscreen, cleanser, and shampoo, which are believed to be imported from abroad. The ice cream box is completely written in foreign words.

She shared that she bought these products from her friends who is selling comestics on facebook. When being asking, her friend could not show the information of products, and just insisted that her products are imported cosmetics.

Therefore, consumers should not put their trust in the labels of products and expensive products with well-known trademarks as they could be faked within one week of the launch of new beauty products.

Thanh Thanh

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