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New life of resettled people

TQO - Thanks to the support of the state and local authorities, many resettled households have built a prosperous and happy life in their new hometown.

The resettled people in Da Vi commune (Na Hang) develop a general business model that brings high income.

Since 2003, the province has arranged more than 4,000 households donating land to build Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant with over 20,000 people to 125 resettlement sites. Now the resettlement areas have "changed their skin", the people have attached and developed many new jobs to improve their livelihoods.

Currently, people resettled in many parts of the province have developed new jobs and created a "brand" such as toothpick making in Kim Phu commune (Tuyen Quang city); raising buffaloes and cows in cages in Binh An commune (Lam Binh), growing tea in Tan Thanh commune (Ham Yen); afforestation in Chan Son commune (Yen Son), etc.

Chairman of Da Vi Commune People's Committee (Na Hang) Ha Van Dung said that in order to help resettled households to rise up, local authorities have synchronously implemented solutions and support policies, orienting people to develop suitable occupations. Thanks to the effective development of these industries, the percentage of poor households in the resettled people rapidly decreasing. The commune has more than 200 resettled households but the poverty rate is less than 10%.

With efforts in building a new life, the resettled people have united with the local people to join hands to build their homeland more and more innovative and developed.

Huy Hoang

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