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Motivation to rise up

TQO - Tuyen Quang province recently approved the project of socio-economic development, building a political system in the area with a large number of H’mong ethnic people in Ham Yen district.

The H’mong ethnic minority community in Tuyen Quang province.

Accordingly, the project will focus on socio-economic development, solving difficulties in production and sustainable poverty reduction, improve the living standards and income of local people, narrowing the gap between the H'mong ethnic people and others, building a clean and strong political system, contributing to maintaining political security, social order and safety.

The project emphasizes promoting the strength of the whole political system and the consent of the people. In which, it focuses on eradicating temporary and dilapidated houses; overcoming the shortage of residential land, production land and domestic water; comprehensively developing the education, health and culture; investing in essential infrastructure works to serve the production and life of the H'mong people.

The implement of this project will increase the motivation and new opportunities to help the H'mong ethnic minority in Ham Yen district continue to build a more stable and sustainable life.

Phuong Dong

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