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Efforts underway to complete construction of Tinh Huc Bridge

TQO - With the spirit of both fighting the novel coronavirus disease and ensuring the progress of the project, officials, engineers and contractors’ workers are pushing hard to complete the construction of Tinh Huc Bridge in Tuyen Quang city in the northern province of Tuyen Quang.

In the process of implementing the project, contractors have encountered numerous difficulties, such as unfavourable weather conditions (the rainy season), complicated geological factors, landslides, and jackhammers getting stuck.

Given that fact, investors, supervision consultants, design consultants and contractors have come up with many initiatives and technical solutions to accelerate progress. After more than 80 days of construction, with the motto of ensuring optimal progress, safety and quality, all the T-shaped column piers (T3 and T4) have already been completed.

Workers striving to complete sections of the Tinh Huc Bridge project.

During the construction process, contractors requested workers and engineers to comply with all regulations on pandemic prevention and control, including wearing masks, using disinfectants to ensure hygiene, and keeping a safe distance at work.

To date, construction units have finalised the entire structure under the bridge surface. At the same time, all the 43 SuperT girders have been installed, while the bridge surface structure is currently under construction. About 95% of the work volume has been completed.

Currently, the province has directed contractors to mobilise their machinery, equipment, human resources and building materials to speed up the construction process of the bridge. Meanwhile, contractors have committed to finalise all the bridge span joints by June 30, 2020.

Thuy Linh

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