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The appearance of Na Hang Town

TQO - In recent years, Na Hang Town has well realized its tasks of building urban infrastructure and improving trade and services in order to boost local socio-economic development.

The town is now home to 424 household businesses, 41 limited companies, 7 cooperatives, 16 tourist boats on the lake bed, 2 hotels, 12 motels and a number of restaurants.

The local authorities have executed the task of ground clearance for key construction projects and to upgrade the town’s inner routes. A square, a cultural house in the center of the district, and embankments that protect the Gam river bank on its downstream run to the Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant were also constructed.

A corner of Na Hang Town.

In addition, the town authorities have coordinated with functional agencies to carry out the planning of residential areas and public buildings in a bid to build a “green, clean and beautiful” urban area. As a result, the appearance of the town’s urban area has seen remarkable changes to its architecture, landscape and environment, thus contributing to promoting socio-economic development, culture and sports, and tourism.

To date, the town has only 38 poor households. 100% of local students go to school at the right age with 95% of them attaining good academic results. Cultural and arts movements as well as sporting events in the locality have been strongly promoted in various forms, attracting the enthusiastic participation of local people.

With these remarkable achievements, Na Hang Town authorities are continuing to promote the strength of the great unity bloc and to fully tap the potential and advantages of the locality in order to fulfil its goal of building the town up to a fourth-grade urban area.

Ngoc Hung

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