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Nui But Cave becomes national relic site

TQO - A ceremony to announce Nui But Cave as a national archaeological relic took place in Tuyen Quang province on December 15.

Leaders of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Tuyen Quang province awarded the National Monument of Nui But Cave to Thuong Am Commune, Son Duong District.

Based on the cultural stratigraphic sedimentary structure and the results of the overall study of the relics, especially the pottery relics and the grinding axes, archaeologists believe that Nui But cave is a residence site belonging to the Neolithic period. In March 2015, staff of the Provincial Museum discovered Nui But cave and the initial survey results showed traces of primitive people in the cave. In August 2015, the Vietnam Institute of Archeology and Tuyen Quang Provincial Museum conducted excavations at the site of Nui But cave. As a result, many relics of Hoa Binh - Bac Son culture have been found, such as: stoves, graves, stone axes, stone tools, etc. In the Nui But cave collection, there are different types of caves. Traditional tool shape is old stone style, which is oval ax, short ax, blade sharpening ax. With great historical value, Nui But Cave, Thuong Am commune is ranked as a national relic and archaeological relic.

Minh Thuy

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