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Young teacher in the highland district

TQO - With love for her job and children, Dang Thi Hong Ha (31 years old), a Dao ethnic woman has persistently stayed in Lam Binh District, a mountainous district of Tuyen Quang Province to fuel interest in learning among ethnic students.

Ha is working at Khuoi Cung school site under the Xuan Lap kindergarten. Khuoi Cung is known as the farthest hamlet of Xuan Lap Commune with 100% of the students are ethnic minority people.

Hong Ha and her students at Khuoi Cung school sitein Xuan Lap Commune.

She recalled that in 2011, Khuoi Cung was a hamlet with a number of barriers to education including poverty, low awareness of the value of education, insufficient facilities. Thus, it was very difficult for her to mobilise students to go to class.

She had to wake up early and went to every households to encourage children to take part in the class.

"I had to walk a long way to directly meet my children. Sometimes, i broke into tears because of tiredness and discouragement. However, the image of my poor children in my mind made me more determined and energetic to continue my work", she shared.

Commenting on Ha’s character, the principal of Xuan Lap Kindergarten Nong Thi Thom said: "Although Ha is a young teacher, she always fulfills her duties well. At work, she is a professional, creative and enthusiastic person. She loves her children and gets along with her colleagues. Therefore, she is appreciated by everyone".

With her constant effort, Ha has been awarded the title of Emulation Fighter at the grassroots level for many years and is also to be awarded with the Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Education. In 2017, she was honored to be one of the two typical teachers of Tuyen Quang Province to attend the Outstanding Teacher Commendation Ceremony organised by the Ministry of Education.

Minh Hoa

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