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Young people develop economy on their own homeland

TQO - Typical models of the Youth Union members of Trung Ha Commune, Chiem Hoa District have spread the youth and enthusiasm of union members in this region.

According to Secretary of the Youth Union of Trung Ha Commune Quan Thi Hien, currently, the commune has about 10 economic development models owned by young people, with an income of VND80-VND100 million per year.

Ma Van Nay, a member of the youth union in Na Dao Hamlet earns nearly VND200 million per year from raising stuffed snails.

In order to support union members to develop their economy, every year, the Youth Union of Trung Ha Commune has coordinated with relevant agencies to organise science and technology transfer classes, visit effective economic models, and exploit resources of preferential capital for members in economic development, etc.

Ban Can Thang, Secretary of the Youth Union of Khuoi Hoi Hamlet shared that: "My family planted more than 1.2 hectares of King oranges, earning over VND100 million per year. Thanks to the meetings of the Youth Union, we shared cultivation experience and supported each other about farming, planting, tending and developing economic models."

Currently, the young generation in Trung Ha Commune has aspired to develop economy in their own homeland. This is an important factor that makes the face of Trung Ha Commune change in the future.

Ban Thanh

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