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Tan Yen Town improves efficiency of handling administrative procedures

TQO - The People's Committee of Tan Yen Town in Ham Yen District has simultaneously implemented measures to improve the efficiency of the settlement of administrative procedures, meeting the needs of the local people.

In order to improve the quality of handling administrative procedures, the one-stop-shop division of Tan Yen Town is equipped with a large room with fans, air-conditioners and cameras. The process, time and fees for handing administrative procedures are publicly listed.

Local officials handling administrative procedures for people at the one-stop shop division in Tan Yen Town, Ham Yen District.

Regarding simple procedures that do not need to be verified, one-stop-shop staff will address the procedures within a day. For some procedures that need to be investigated, local people will be given an appointment letter to avoid wasting their time.

The one-stop-shop division received and handed over 3,000 administrative dossiers in the first quarter of 2020. In addition, the People’s Committee of Tan Yen Town has also directed judicial officials to work on Saturdays to promptly issue death certificates for local households so that they can complete cremation procedures.

Thanks to active solutions to improve the efficiency of administrative procedure settlements, Tan Yen Town has created favourable conditions for its local people, contributing to promoting local socio-economic development.

Ly Thinh

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