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Tuyen Quang improves provincial competitiveness index

TQO - In 2019, Tuyen Quang province moved up two places in the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) with 65.13 points, ranking 32nd among 63 provinces and cities across the country.

Local enterprises’ difficulties included complicated procedures and costs for entering the market. Therefore, these problems should be resolved to encourage the establishment of new businesses and help enterprises develop in a sustainable manner.

The province has supported businesses to shorten the time needed for business registration. At a one-stop shop unit, administrative staff instructed enterprises to carry out relevant procedures in order to minimise their travel costs.

The one-stop shop unit of the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment promptly handles citizens’ requests.  

The Tuyen Quang provincial Investment Promotion Centre has also focused on upgrading its website to provide enterprises with all necessary information as well as reduce their cost of information accumulation.

In 2019, the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment reviewed all administrative procedures, thereafter repealing unnecessary and inappropriate contents, while at the same time launching the online one-stop shop, and handling all administrative procedures on the Internet.

Tuyen Quang is striving to improve its ranking in the Provincial Competitiveness Index in 2021, ranking among the top 30 localities in the index; contributing to motivating agencies and units to increase efforts to implement administrative reform and better serve both people and enterprises.

Tran Lien

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