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Son Duong accelerates new rural construction

TQO - Son Duong District is effectively implementing the national target programme on building new-style rural areas in the locality.

Local people in Dong Hoan Hamlet, Tu Thinh Commune (Son Duong District) participating in the construction of rural roads.

The district has implemented campaigns and emulation movements to build new-style rural areas and achieved remarkable results.

Dai Phu Commune has mobilised local people to participate in building 28 km of concrete roads, installing 4 km of canals and donating 12,329 m2 of land to construct concrete roads, houses, and culture houses.

Truong Sinh Commune was selected to complete the goal of building a new-style area in 2021 by the district. Therefore, the communal authorities have actively communicated and mobilised people to respond to the movement of building new-style rural areas. Typically, the commune has implemented the construction of the dyke system, DH04 road with a length of over 5.8 km passing through 9 hamlets.

By the end of May 2021, Son Duong District had 9 communes reaching 19 out of 19 new-style rural construction criteria. The district Fatherland Front has coordinated with the district's Steering Committee for New Rural Construction to collect questionnaires to assess people's satisfaction in building new rural areas in Truong Sinh and Thien Ke communes as well as building a model of new-style rural area in Ninh Lai Commune.

Currently, the district is maintaining 810 self-governing group models of 31 communes and towns. According to the report in 2020, the district has over 92% of households recognised as cultural families, and more than 94% of residential areas awarded the title of "Cultural hamlet, residential group".

Minh Thuy

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