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Model of planting areca palm trees along the village roadsides in Dao Vien

TQO - The spacious concrete road running from the centre of Dao Vien Commune (Yen Son District) to the villages is now greener thanks to two rows of areca palm trees along the roadside.

A grove of areca trees along the road in Dao Vien Commune.

In response to the Government's one-billion-tree planting programme along with developing environmental protection criteria in building new-style rural areas, Dao Vien Commune selected areca palm tree, a symbol of the Vietnamese countryside to plant along the roadsides in the locality.

Accordingly, the commune officials and some teachers from schools in the area contributed VND15 million, of which each person contributed at least VND50,000 to buy 300 areca palm seedlings.

Hamlet 1 and Ngoi Ria Hamlet with a 2 km concrete road are prioritised for planting areca palm trees. To ensure the stable development of 300 areca trees, the Commune Party Committee assigned the Youth Union of Dao Vien Commune to coordinate with the locals to build a self-governing road in order to caring for these trees. The project of planting areca trees along the village road in Dao Vien is bringing good results.

From the model of growing areca palm along the road of Hamlet 1 and Ngoi Ria Hamlet, the communal authorities will replicate this model in other roads in the locality. The commune will implement the project of planting more indigenous tree varieties, in accordance with the local cultural identity. The commune also strives to complete the criteria for building new-style areas with 100% roads in the commune planted with trees, ensuring the ecological environment.

Quang Hoa

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