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Green living movement protect environment

TQO - Along with many solutions to prevent and reduce environmental pollution, "green living" movement is considered as a civilised behaviour to protect the environment.

Students of Yen Son Ethnic Minority Boarding School growing organic vegetables at the school campus.

“Green living” is a friendly lifestyle, minimising harmful impacts on the environment and nature. "Green living" is not a big campaign, it is shown through the daily activities of each person such as the choice of means of transportation, the method of shopping, the way to dispose of waste, etc.

Ms. Luong Thi Diem in Tan Ha Ward, Tuyen Quang City confided: "For her, "green living" movement is about using enough water and electricity as well as avoiding waste natural resources". Therefore, she cycle to work every day instead of moving by motorbike. With a total distance of over 20 km, she not only saves energy and reduces dust but also feels healthier and more energetic.
In Tuyen Quang Province, there are stores and supermarket systems that sale safe and environmentally friendly products. For example, VinMart supermarket system encourages shoppers to become "green customers" via the use of plastic biodegradable bags, and introduces natural products from "green suppliers". In addition, Tokyo Life chain stores use folding cloth bags and say no to single-use plastic bags while Green Life store in Phan Thiet Ward, Tuyen Quang City uses eco-friendly glass bottles and grass straws.

Movements to spread the "green living" behaviour have been implemented in many school in the locality, including activities of exchanging plastic waste for school supplies and development of models of growing organic green vegetables, etc.

“Green living” starts with small actions every day. Everyone can express a civilised life through the smallest actions to protect environment.

Thuy Le

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