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Chiem Hoa District promotes fight against plastic waste

TQO - Chiem Hoa District is promoting information dissemination to raise people’s awareness on limiting the use of plastic products and single-use plastic bags.

In response to the movement of fighting against plastic waste, plastic water bottles were replaced by glass cups and bottles at the meetings of agencies, departments, communes and hamlets.

The District Fatherland Front Committee together with its member organisations have launched emulation movements and developed models suitable to the organisations’ activities, such as “Green Sunday” launched by the Youth Union and the “Self-management Model” by the Fatherland Front Committee.

The authorities participate in collecting waste along the central road in Vinh Quang Commune, Chiem Hoa District.

In the first six months of 2020, the District Women Union has built 28 works and maintained 18 environmental sanitation clubs and self-management groups. The union has also established two rattan and bamboo weaving cooperative groups to make alternative products to single-use plastics.

The District Fatherland Front Committee has also organised two events in response to the movement “Chiem Hoa promotes the handling of and fight against plastic waste” in the two communes of Vinh Quang and Phuc Thinh. In addition, six self-management models of classification, collection, transportation and handling of waste have been set up in six hamlets.

It can be seen that the movement against plastic waste has created a positive change in the awareness of the authorities and people in the locality.

Ban Thanh

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