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48 administrative units in Tuyen Quang province recognised as Safe Zones

TQO - The Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has signed a decision to recognise a number of communes in the Tuyen Quang Province as Safe Zones of the Central Government.

The Prime Minister recognised 48 communal administrative units in the districts and city across Tuyen Quang Province as Safe Zones of the Central Government during the resistance wars against French colonialists and US imperialists.

Of which, there are 18 communes in Yen Son District, including: Kim Quan, Phu Thinh, Trung Son, Xuan Van, Thai Binh, Tu Quan, Tien Bo, Dao Vien, Cong Da, My Bang, Tan Tien, Hung Loi, Thang Quan, Lang Quan, Trung Mon, Trung Truc, Tan Long and Trung Minh.

The centre of Chiem Hoa District, Tuyen Quang Province.

There are 14 communes in Son Duong District, including: Trung Yen, Tan Trao, Tu Thinh, Cap Tien, Dong Loi, Minh Thanh, Vinh Loi, Thuong Am, Phuc Ung, Van Phu, Tan Thanh, Binh Yen, Hop Thanh and Luong Thien.

There are 10 communes in Chiem Hoa District, including: Phuc Thinh, Hoa Phu, Yen Nguyen, Phu Binh, Xuan Quang, Kien Dai, Vinh Quang, Kim Binh, Binh Nhan and Linh Phu.

There are 2 communes and 2 wards of Tuyen Quang City, including: Trang Da, An Khang, Nong Tien and Minh Xuan.

There are 2 communes in Ham Yen District, including: Nhan Muc and Minh Huong.

In addition, the Prime Minister has also recognised the districts of Son Duong, Chiem Hoa and Yen Son - Ham Yen inter-district and Tuyen Quang Province as the Safe Zones of the Central Government during the war against the French and the Americans.

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