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Be wary of charity scams

TQO - Recently, on social networks, especially Facebook, there have been many fake accounts showing pictures of family members, friends or acquaintances who are seriously ill to call for support from benefactors and then profit.

In particular, these people carefully research personal pages with many contributions, actively participate in volunteer activities, and then text messages. These fraudulent Facebook pages are quite sophisticated. They provide accounts and phone numbers of "virtual" patients or family members to collude when someone calls to find out and verify.

Many people, out of trust and sympathy, transferred money to the bad guy, and immediately after that the scammer escaped or blocked Facebook. However, many people are quite alert and verify information before transferring money. While waiting for the money to be transferred, the scammer continues to send seductive messages. If they do not see the money transfer, they begin to threaten with cruel words and curses.

In the face of scams on social networks, especially scams in the form of volunteer activities, everyone should be vigilant and calm before invitations to contribute money to help people in need and difficult circumstances. Authorities also need to promote propaganda, guidance, and warnings so that people do not take advantage of the kindness of bad people.

Thanh Thanh

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