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Accelerating the progress of social housing projects

TQO - Social housing development is an effective solution to promote socio-economic development, contributing to creating supply and restructuring the real estate market to balance the structure of real estate products. Especially the social housing segment, affordable housing with low income.

In Tuyen Quang, the province is implementing the construction of a housing area under the Tuyen Quang Urban Housing Development Area project with a construction area of 1,610 m2, meeting 146 units. Along with that, the Department of Construction organized a number of planning projects to build social housing and worker housing in the province by 2025, including 3 planned locations with a total planning area of 28.9 hectares and some commercial housing projects must reserve 20% of the land fund to build social housing of 10.1 hectares, expected to provide about 700 social housing units for low-income people and workers in industrial parks.

When completed, these projects will truly become a great source of motivation for people in need of housing in the province today.

Nguyen Dat

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