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Protect and develop forests sustainably

TQO - In recent years, the forest economy in many localities has brought high income to people living from forestry. Forest economic development has contributed to hunger eradication and poverty reduction.

To develop a sustainable forestry economy in a multi-purpose, multi-value direction based on effective management and use of forest resources, the Government has issued Resolution No. 29 on the Action Program to implement the Conclusions, Discussions and Directives of the Secretariat on strengthening the Party's leadership in forest management, protection and development.

In particular, key tasks and solutions are proposed for ministries, branches and localities to implement, including: innovation, diversification, and improvement of effectiveness of propaganda, advocacy, education, and awareness and responsibility for sustainable forest management, protection and development; perfecting laws, mechanisms and policies on forestry; forestry economic development; Organize the effective implementation of national forestry planning and a number of key projects; Arrange organization and apparatus, improve capacity and efficiency of state management of forestry; continue to reorganize, innovate and develop, improve operational efficiency of agricultural and forestry companies; Promote research and application of science and technology, digital transformation and proactively improve the effectiveness of international integration in forestry.

Through the Action Program to overcome limitations and weaknesses in forest management, protection and development, ensuring the implementation of the goals of the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress and the Party Congresses of the Party and State proposed levels on forestry economic development. At the same time, diversify types of organizations, cooperate, link, and share benefits in forestry production and business towards green, sustainable, and circular production, contributing to improving people's lives, thereby creating motivation for sustainable forest management, protection and development.

Phuong Dong

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