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Tet markets in the upland areas of Tuyen Quang Province

TQO - Going to the Tet market is an indispensable for local people in the highlands in Tuyen Quang Province when the spring is coming.

Traditional costumes of the ethnic minority people are sold at a village fair in the upland area of Lam Binh District.

In the end of the year, crowds of people flocked Hung Loi market (Yen Son District). The fair only takes place every Saturday, so everyone in the commune is excited. At 7:00 am, the market is crowded with buyers and sellers. Mong girls dressed in colorful traditional costumes are a unique beauty of the Hung Loi fair. The clothing stalls are filled with brocaded colours of the Dao, Mong, Tay people.

Although the village fair in Tri Phu Commune, Chiem Hoa District has been put into operation since November 14, 2020, traders and people in the neighboring communes usually go to the market. The products displayed at the market are mainly household appliances and local agricultural products such as cat ear mushroom, chinese black mushroom, pork, chickens, and upland sticky rice.

Hong Quang market is located in the center of Hong Quang Commune, on National Highway 279 in Lam Binh District. The semi-permanent  market has been built since 2013. The market mainly meet the bussiness needs of local people both inside and outside the communes such as Minh Quang and Trung Ha (Chiem Hoa District), Lien Hiep and Bang Hanh (Bac Quang District, Ha Giang Province).

Cao Huy

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