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The revival of streams

TQO - The streams of Tuyen Quang province play an important role in providing surface water resources for many local areas. Previously, these streams were polluted due to negative effects from the production process and people’s activities.

Because of this, local authorities have come up with several measures to keep the channels clean. They have repeatedly called on households living in the vicinity of the streams to sign a commitment not to directly discharge wastewater into the environment, as well as having introduced sanctions such as the confiscation of production equipment.

In order to raise the people’s awareness about the protection of the streams, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has launched a communication project, under which six communication classes were held for over 700 people across the province in 2019.

Photo: Ca Stream, Yen Nguyen Commune (Chiem Hoa District) has been revived.

Furthermore, in order to achieve the target of keeping the streams clean during the development process, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has proposed that the local authorities not only undertake campaigning but also impose heavy punishments for the violation of waste disposal regulations and assist manufacturing facilities to renovate their technologies and production lines so that wastewater is processed before being discharged into the environment.

Tran Lien

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