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The dream of local people in Phia Xeng Hamlet

TQO - Phia Xeng is the furthest and most difficult hamlet in Ha Lang Commune. There are 90 households of the Dao ethnic group living here, of which more than half of the population is settled from Hoang Su Phi District (Ha Giang). Although life is still difficult, the local people are always active in production, solidarity, efforts to overcome difficulties to build an increasingly stable and prosperous life.

The ripe orange season in Phia Xeng Hamlet.

The hamlet is known as the "capital" of Ha Lang Commune with a total area of 58 hectares. On average, each year the hamlet provides nearly 1,000 tons of oranges to the market. Orange is the key crop as well as the main income of local people.

Phia Xeng has many households with high revenue from oranges such as Tran Van Quyen's family with over 2 hectares of orange, Tran Van Chau's family with more than 2 hectares of orange, Tran Van Quy's family with more than 2 hectares of orange.

Along with orange trees, Phia Xeng peole also grow acacia to greenly covering bare land and bare hills. Currently, the locality has more than 100 hectares of production forest. Large and small forests stretching across the mountains and forests of Phia Xeng have brought Phia Xeng people a warm and full life.

In addition, last October, the road from Nam Bun to Phia Xeng with a total investment capital of over VND5 billion under State budget was started construction. The route has a hardened concrete structure, 3.8 km long and 5m wide. The construction units are rushing to complete the construction stages, striving to complete in April 2023 to meet the need of people. The completed road will open up a bright future, creating motivation to help people in Phia Xeng escape poverty.

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