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Boosting fight against drug crimes

TQO - For many years, the tricks of the crimes are very sophisticated, often adding new addictive active ingredients that are not on the list of narcotic substances.

Therefore, Tuyen Quang provincial police have also warned to raise vigilance against drugs that "hide" in food and drinks.

According to this warning, there are two types of drugs: confectionery containing narcotics and mixed with drinks such as juice, and e-cigarettes.

Police units and localities have coordinated with schools to organize propaganda sessions on the harmful effects of drugs, how to identify foods and drinks that are easily used to mix drugs. Especially families and parents need to pay close attention to their children, education and direction instruct the children to be cautious, not to use strange foods and unknown origin.

With new types of drugs along with the sophistication of criminal objects, prevention and control need to be timely, not to penetrate into life of young people and students.

Hoai Yen

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