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Bustling atmosphere in taking care of flowers for Tet

TQO - At this time, flower growers in the province are promoting the care and shaping of flowers and ornamental plants to have beautiful flowers and plants. The flower pots and ornamental plants bloom, not only contributing to the decoration of spring but also providing a stable source of income for many farmers.

People growing peaches in Nong Tien Ward (Tuyen Quang City) plucking leaves for blooming in time for Tet.

Flower gardeners in the area of Tuyen Quang city actively cut grass and prune branches for Tet flower pots.

Daisy gardens are carefully cared for by flower growers in Nong Tien Ward (Tuyen Quang City) to serve the Tet market.

Workers on Tinh Huc flower island (Tuyen Quang City) take care of flowers to prepare for Tet.

People in Ly Nhan flower village, Trung Mon Commune (Yen Son) take care of flowers.

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