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The core of domestic violence prevention

TQO - Promoting their roles and responsibilities, many female cadres in Tuyen Quang Province have actively come up with solutions of domestic violence prevention.

After 10 years of participating in the village's women's union, Ma Thi Than, head of the Women's Union of Bo Ngoang Village, Phuc Son Commune (Lam Binh) has made many contributions to preserving the family home for members. In 2014, she worked with members to build a Club to prevent and combat violence against women and children with 9 members. In 2018, she continued to build the Happy Family Club with 73 member families. These clubs operate at least once every 3 months.

Nong Thi Ngoc (white shirt), Chairman of the Women's Union of Kim Phu Commune mobilised many couples to join the club to preserve their national cultural identity.

Nong Thi Ngoc, Chairwoman of the Women's Union of Kim Phu Commune (Tuyen Quang City) shared that, in order to prevent domestic violence and build a happy family, she has launched many initiatives and directed to establish clubs to build happy families, clubs without relatives violating the law, clubs of culture, arts, physical training and sports, etc. To date, the whole commune has 39 clubs with many types of activities. Each club has 40 - 100 members (including men).

Ban Thi Non, Head of the Minh Phu 8 Village, Yen Phu Commune (Ham Yen) is 56 years old. She has 33 years of experience working in the village's women's union as the head of the branch. In 2020, she established a group of children from 0-8 years old, with 25 children from 25 member families participating.

In the past two years, the authorities and unions of the commune have supported about VND10 million and installed a playground for children. Non also actively distributed propaganda materials on knowledge of child care and education and reproductive health - family planning to help couples gain more knowledge and experience in caring for and protecting their children and keeping their happiness.

The practical actions of the female cadres contribute to repelling domestic violence, building a prosperous and happy family, which is the foundation for building a civilized society.

Thu Huong

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