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Healing without drugs

TQO - At the age of 50, Nguyen Thu Doai in group 7, Hung Thanh Ward (Tuyen Quang City) just started her career with treating by using bioelectric.

Nguyen Thu Doai, the Director of An Phuc Loc Health Care Centre, Dds Tuyen Quang Bioelectricity.

To date, after more than 10 years as the Director of An Phuc Loc Health Care Centre, Dds Tuyen Quang Bioelectricity, she has affirmed her position. With non-drug treatments, performing bioelectricity to help patients circulate blood, clear meridians and reduce congestion. Treatment methods also support their body to recuperate from diseases such as stroke, cervical spondylosis, herniated disc, polyarthritis, gout, etc.

Currently, the centre has 6 technicians with an average income of VND6 million - VND7 million per month. Every month, about 100 patients are treated by the centre. In which, many patients with difficult circumstances are treated and supported meals free.

Ha Thi Binh in Tan An Commune (Chiem Hoa), a patients of the centre shared that she was given free treatment, supported with meals and accommodation at the centre. After 2 months, her health gradually improved. She is extremely grateful to Doai and the centre's technicians.

Deputy Director of Tuyen Quang Department of Health La Dang Tai said that this is a new and quite effective method of disease treatment in modern treatment methods, helping people have more choices in improving their own health.

Giang Lam

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