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A teacher preserves Then melodies

TQO - Over the past 12 years, Bui Thi Thu Hong, a music teacher at the Provincial Ethnic Minority Boarding High School, has always been passionate about Then melodies of the Tay people when trying to teach and help many generations of ethnic minority students preserve their unique culture.

Hong said that Then singing is a very special folk art form, but Then singing will be gradually lost if it is not taught to the next generations. Therefore, she hopes that, when ethnic minority students study under the roof of a beloved boarding school, they will not only be taught subjects but also be taught life skills by teachers.

Teacher Bui Thi Thu Hong teaches students to sing Then melodies.

“When I studied at boarding school, I learned about Then singing. Participating in the Then singing - Tinh gourd lute club helped me to relax so that i can learn effectively. I am very impressed with teacher Bui Thi Thu Hong because she is like a gentle mother who always cares and helps us. I am very grateful to her for teaching me to sing Then.", Vi Thi Tam, a Tay ethnic student of ethnic minority boarding high school of Tuyen Quang Province said.

The singing - Tinh gourd lute Club of the Provincial Ethnic Minority Boarding High School regularly attracts more than 30 students each school year, in which there are many students of different ethnicities such as Tay, Dao, Mong, etc. Currently, the regular activities on Saturdays and Sundays have become meaningful activities for students.

Teaching in the Provincial Ethnic Minority Boarding High School for more than 25 years, Hong understands very well about ethnic students, they are often timid and rarely reveal themselves. That is reason she always encourages them to participate in group activities will help them to be more confident.

Principal of the Provincial Ethnic Minority Boarding High School Ha Thi Hai Yen commented that Bui Thi Thu Hong is a very enthusiastic, responsible and creative person in her work. In particular, Hong developed and maintained the effective operation of the Then Singing - Tinh gourd lute club of the school, thereby making an important contribution to the education of students to preserve and promote their own cultural values.

Huy Hoang

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