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Local people in Xit Xa protect the forest

TQO - Forest has been considered as a sacred place, a source of life by the Red Dao people in Xit Xa Hamlet, Minh Huong Commune, Ham Yen District for generations.

Minh Khuong Commune has over 400 hectares of protection forest, concentrated in hamlets of Xit Xa, Minh Thai, Lang Bau and Ngoi Loc, in which, Xit Xa has more than 130 hectares.

In recent years, along with measures to protect forests, the Dao people in Xit Xa Hamlet have actively participated in contracting for forest protection. They have also combined with forest rangers to save trees and animals in the forest.

An ancient tree in the protection forest of Xit Xa Hamlet, Minh Khuong Commune, Ham Yen District.

Xit Xa Hamlet has 97 households with over 400 people, more than 95% of the population is the Red Dao. Thanks to the self-consciousness of each people, the forest in Xis Xa has been green for generations.

Trieu Thi Lai, a woman has been with Xit Xa forest for many years, said that the hamlet never face the shortage of water because the underground water source is abundant all year round, serving daily life and production. That is also thanks to the forest, "when the forest is green, the water source is abundant", she emphasized.

Thanks to the forest and other forest resources, the Dao Xit Xa know how to develop their economy and escape poverty.

Van Anh

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