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Kindergartens in Tuyen Quang says no to plastic waste

TQO - Education, raising awareness of environmental protection and prevention of plastic waste at kindergartens across Tuyen Quang Province have been focused with many practical models and activities.

In order to effectively implement the campaign entitled “Say no to plastic waste”, many schools in the locality have strengthened and diversified propaganda activities for teachers, students and parents about the risk of pollution from plastic waste, plastic bags.

Teachers and students at Nong Tien Kindergarten in Tuyen Quang City make toys from recycled materials.

Doi Can Kindergarten in Tuyen Quang City has integrated the content of environmental protection into the teaching programme for children. The school has changed all children's plastic cups and bowls to stainless steel ones. The kindergarten has also communicated to parents not to use foam food boxes and bags.  

Tan Trao Kindergarten in Tuyen Quang City has cooperated with students' parents to collect and make use of raw materials such as plastic bottles, paper and  paperboard to create products and toys for teaching and learning activities as well as exhibition. At the beginning of the school year, the school administrators organised a competition of creating teaching tools and students' toys from recycled materials to encourage teachers' creativity.

At Tan An Kindergarten in Tan An Commune, Chiem Hoa Disstrict, teachers have used plastic straws, milk cans, colored wooden sticks to make toys. They have also made flower pots from tires and discarded plastic bottles to create an outdoor play area for children.

Currently, the movement of “Say no to plastic waste” has attracted a large number of students' parents to participate.

Thuy Nga

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