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Tuyen Quang to receive first COVID-19 vaccine batch

TQO - Tuyen Quang Province will receive 4,500 doses of Covid-19 vaccine from National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology as planned.

The vaccine doses will be immediately transferred to the Center for Disease Control and Preventation of Tuyen Quang Province for the cold chain system storage, at a time at 2-8C.

Accordingly, the Departments of Health of Tuyen Quang is directing units to urgently make a list of priority groups to be vaccinated in accordance with Resolution No.21 of the Government and Announcement No. 47 of the Government Office.

The priority groups should include: medical workers, people in the anti-pandemic effort (COVID-19 prevention and control steering committees at all levels, quarantine facility workers, reporters, volunteers, etc.), military forces (local forces participating in pandemic prevention), and public security forces.

The first phase of the vaccination campaign is scheduled to take place from April to May in city and districts in Tuyen Quang.

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