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Thuong Giap strives to reduce poverty

TQO - Thuong Giap Commune (Na Hang District) strives to reduce rate of the poverty by 4% per year, bringing the average per capita income of the commune by 2025 to reach VND28 million per person per year.

Forestry development is a new way for households in Thuong Giap Commune, Na Hang District to escape from poverty.

Currently, Thuong Giap Commune has 50 business models such as cattle breeding, carp farming and afforestation. The commune ranks first across the district in terms of forest coverage with the rate of 100%. The poverty ratio of the commune is estimated at about 35%.

The commune has possessed over 1,200 hectares of forest, 100 hectares of rice growing area and carp farming for the commune's OCOP product. The commune has over 1,000 buffaloes and cows with fattening practices, generating about hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong in income per year.

The commune authorities have also coordinated with mass organisations to create favourable conditions for poor labourers to work in export processing and industrial zones in the country in order to have stable incomes and escape from poverty. To date, the total number of workers in the commune working in industrial parks across the country has reached 200 people.

Thuong Giap Commune has two convenient routes, including waterway and road, connecting the commune to the centre of Na Hang District. The commune has also been reached the national power grid and the Internet. These favourable conditions will help Thuong Giap to promote the socio- economic development in the coming time.

Le Duy

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