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Fireworks safety

TQO - This year, many people want to buy fireworks to use during Tet.

Fireworks are used on holidays, New Year's, birthdays, weddings, conferences, openings, anniversaries and in cultural and artistic activities. Fireworks can only be purchased at organizations and businesses licensed to produce and trade fireworks.

Organizations and businesses not affiliated with the Ministry of National Defense and individuals trading in fireworks violate the law; People are absolutely not allowed to buy fireworks from agencies, organizations that are not licensed to do business, individuals or on social networking sites, illegal fireworks, fireworks without invoices, without origin or origin.

People need to clearly distinguish between fireworks and explosive fireworks to avoid unfortunate violations. Individuals and organizations are not allowed to use firecrackers; using firecrackers is a violation.

Currently, residential groups are propagandizing about ensuring safety when using fireworks during Tet so that people can celebrate the Lunar New Year happily and fully.

Duc Anh

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