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Brilliant spring colors

TQO - At this time, on the streets of Tuyen Quang city, the atmosphere of Lunar New Year Giap Thin 2024 is bustling, full of spring spirit. Images of Tet in the past and Tet today keep coming back to every street, village, and family.

In the Tam Co market area, dong leaves are an item that many people are interested in.

For every family, banh chung is indispensable during Tet holiday.

The old Tet comes back again.

Customers are selecting peach blossom on Tan Trao Avenue.

Consumers in Tuyen Quang are delighted with the Dien Canh grapefruit trees laden with fruit on sale.

Warm, luxurious red poinsettias are chosen by many people to display during the nation's traditional Tet holiday.

During Tet, Phalaenopsis orchids are chosen by many consumers.

The old Tet photography corners on Chien Thang Song Lo street help visitors save impressive photos of spring.

Ornamental kumquat trees laden with fruit are sold on Chien Thang Song Lo street.

A child helps her mother water yellow chrysanthemums on sale.

Tet with red decorations.

Quang Hoa

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