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Exciting exercise movement of Tuyen Quang city people

TQO - In recent times, the mass sports movement in the city has spread widely, creating a healthy playground, attracting a large number of people from all walks of life to participate in training. Through activities, it has contributed to raising people's awareness of practicing sports, improving health, and improving quality of life.

Let's start early in the morning for an effective working day.

Right from the early morning, there were cycles full of energy for the new day.

The running movement in the community is growing stronger and stronger.

Regular exercise helps improve quality of life.

In the afternoon, sports activities were the most exciting.

Mass sports attract people of all ages to participate in practice.

... but the biggest crowd is still young people.

The joy of relaxation after a working day of officers and employees of Phuong Bac General Hospital.

Beautiful football scenes at the cultural house of group 5, Tan Ha ward (Tuyen Quang city).

People play table tennis.

In the evening, dance clubs are increasingly popular and people actively participate in practicing.

Yoga is a new sport but it also attracts many people to practice.

... and the Folk Dance movement attracted a large number of women to participate.

Khanh Van

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